About Us

Baby Loves Care is all about babies and parenting. We provide unbiased guidance to the parents so that they can make the right decisions for their baby with confidence and face no difficulty in getting things done. Baby Loves Care has only one key goal which is to make parenting a lot easier and help the parents to take care of their baby in the best way. We understand that being a parent is both a rewarding and challenging job at the same time. Every parent wants only the best for their children. One of the greatest problems parents face is deciding which product is right for raising their kids in the right way and keeping them safe. 

As for me, I am Amanda Mazkenzie from San Diego, California. I am 38 years old and a mother of two sons. I was pregnant with my first child in 2010 and this is when I looked for creating a registry and realized there is a lot of help needed to get the right products. Nothing was easy and simple as it seemed before I actually plunged into that world. My options were to manage multiple registries or stick to a single retailer. I would spend hours every day looking for the products with little confidence in my decisions. I knew there is a need for a lot of improvement so I decided to start Baby Loves Care to help parents like me to find the best products for their children. BLC was launched a month after the birth of my first son. It began as a side-project but now it has become my full-time job. I love helping parents to pick the right products for their children. I have helped a million families with data-driven guidance. I am ever more committed to my vision of raising every kid like she deserves to be. I am always exploring ideas and products to help you with your journey of best parenting.

We at Baby Loves Care break down the product selection process into 3 parts. Decades of research about different baby products have given us enough experience to help other parents to navigate the challenges of parenting. Moms employed here are flat out experts who research and analyze products thoroughly for the kids. We know that parents have little time to spare and researching different products can be exhausting not to mention time intensive, so let our team of experts do that research for you. You can trust our unbiased opinion to find the right product for your child. 

Our team of experts analyzes and aggregates reviews from various reputable websites including, Amazon, Reddit, YouTube, and several branded retailers. Our personal experience with different products along with these reviews helps us in giving you a complete picture of the quality and efficiency of the product. We apprise you with return policies, guarantees, BBB ratings, whether the product has been called back by the quality assurance institutes, and much more information about a specific brand. This information builds parents’ confidence in the product and ensures the safety of the baby.

We love to explore and discover new products that come into the market. We tell you whether the product will be helpful, safe, or better than its alternative or not based on our experience. Our major goal is to keep parenthood easier and less hectic than it usually is. In addition to that, we direct our efforts to provide you with only the safest products for your little ones and keep you informed about the potential risks of using or cons of the products. We also tell you how you can get the most out of your product so that your child stays happy and safe.

Good Luck! Happy Parenting!

Our Team

Amanda Mazkenzie
Amanda Mazkenzie is a founder and chief editor of Baby Loves Care. She is 38 years old and lives in San Diego, California.

Kieran Howells
Kieran Howells is a father of a nine months old daughter and an expert of baby products from Iowa.

Christa Steiner
Christa Steiner is a staff writer at Baby Loves Care from Susanville, California. She is a mother of three kids.